Bilder zu ST-Defender 03: “Hinter der Maske, Teil 2″

(C) 2006 all Images by Adriana Wipperling

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  1. Lisa says:

    I liked the first episode. It was great that you inevreiewtd the author. Yay! I wasn’t sure about the write-in challenge though. Not sure that will go over. Also I wonder about how you pick fics. There is so much out there, and the good stuff is hard to find. And there aren’t many good one-shots and when you put that 5k word limit, I wonder what you’re left with. Snippits from good fics?And there are some big name authors out there. I hope you feature some more of them, as well as some lesser known writers that write fabulously. (I’m a stickler for quality in the fandom).As a critique, you apologize a lot at the beginning of the segment. You don’t need it. It’s fine. Best of luck for next time.

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